Well isn't this lovely. Sometimes there really isn't much more you can say, and Kishi Bashi's brand new track, 'Marigolds', certainly creates one of those moments.

The songwriter has taken his time with his fourth album, Omoiyari, and it's resulted in what's, by far, his most defined and self-assured work so far.

Speaking on the new track, Bashi shares, "[Marigolds] is about the differences between generations that are difficult to comprehend sometimes. It’s almost impossible to completely understand somebody who grew up in a different era than you, older or younger, alive or deceased. It’s the realisation that another person’s perception of the world is just as real to them as yours is to you, and that this humility is the first step in living in harmony on a planet that is ultimately made up of 8 billion parallel universes."

Look out for Omoiyari come May 31st, and tide yourself over with 'Marigolds' in the mean time, below.

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