"This is not a love song, this is just a doodle: it doesn't mean anything," Korean alt-R&B singer/songwriter/rapper (there isn't much she doesn't do) Heize coolly deadpans on 'Knock Sir'.

For an artist heralded for songs to wallow in your feelings to, her latest release (and first full LP) She's Fine is boldly all about getting out of them. Clearly tired of being pinned down by her bruised, lovelorn ballads, Heize opted for - excluding some inevitable moments of pain - lighter vibes in her latest work.

'Knock Sir' strikes a perfect balance between the Heize fans know and love and the new moods she herself is clearly feeling. Boasting an instrumental backing that manages to be both icy smooth without fading into ubiquity, the tune is perfect for late nights refusing to sleep, simply enjoying your own time by your own standards. Even when Heize is just singing, "La la, la la," somehow, we feel every moment.

Check the song out below, handily featuring an English translation courtesy of an enterprising fan, and listen to She's Fine in full via your favorite provider today.