A cursory glance at the credits for Aseul's new single - Produced by Aseul, written and arranged by Aseul, recorded and mixed by Aseul - makes it instantly obvious just how DIY the Korean artist truly is. In a musical scene that celebrates group-think (just look at the practical army behind near any hit K-pop album), Aseul remains proudly, defiantly herself.

She's a member of a small, if gradually burgeoning, scene of young artists in Seoul pushing for an alternate path for Korean pop, one decidedly more intimate and painstakingly crafted. Having made strides with last year's excellent Asobi, she's been dropping off singles regularly in 2019, lastly with 'Joke', and now with 'Fade Away'.

Her music remains as transcendent as ever, nimbly leaping past the language barrier to grip the listener with its swirling sounds, as much an earworm as she's ever offered. Her singing remains hushed, with Aseul always seem to flirt with bursting into song, giving off a charming, even shy quality that suits her wounded brand of indie pop exceedingly well.

Check out 'Fade Away' below, and stay tuned for more from Aseul very soon.

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