It's important to understand: IU doesn't normally do this. At least, not really.

At 25 (26, in Korean years), the still young singer is already celebrating ten years since her debut. 'BBIBBI' is essentially a celebration, as well as a gift to fans. IU may well be among the absolute upper echelon of K-pop fame, but she's long been cagey about engaging fully in the genre as we think of it, shying away the oh-so-bright, seeming perfection of a typical K-pop jam. Instead, she's largely opted for fantastical imagery, self-searching (and often biting) lyricism, and lush instrumentation.

All that changed with the mega-popular, artistic "eureka!" moment that was last year's Palette. It still played like a view so intimate into her head that one felt guilty traipsing around in it, stuffed with her insecurities, fears, and struggles, but IU had finally begun playing - and beating - K-pop at its own game.

'BBIBBI' leans harder in this direction than ever, with a truly effortless, and deceptively simple, future-R&B groove for IU to reflect on her life thus far over. It tops her recent efforts similar in tone with seeming ease, a promising show for further explorations come her next full studio effort. The video is truly vibrant, a bold mix of contrasting colors, simply a sight to be seen. For an artist so long embattled by her fame, openly admitting to struggles with depression, insomnia, and an eating disorder, it has been truly rewarding to watch IU grow from more than a bit afraid to strikingly, charmingly confident.

Of course, the melancholy is still there, and probably always will be: it's part of what makes IU so powerful. The megastar that isn't afraid to share that she's just as lost as the rest of us. However, as she declares, "I don't care," allowing herself to look prettier than ever in an array of daring outfits, she lets her goofy swag (we dare you to watch and call it anything else) out to play with an array of charmingly silly dance moves that are somehow just right. Thinking back to the young girl nervous to assert herself, one can believe they just might make it out the other side, too.

Pretty powerful stuff for a one off K-pop single.

Check out the video for 'BBIBBI' below, and should you be lucky enough to have the means for a Korean sojourn, catch IU on tour soon.