Jessi just doesn't do small. New York born and New Jersey raised, her no prisoners attitude has been shaking up an entirely unprepared K-pop scene ever since she crashed her way into it. What may appear ostentatious to onlookers is her bread and butter: subsisting on hater's tears may be a tired image, but this Korean diva makes it look like a responsible diet.

In a country engaged in a practical epidemic of plastic surgery, loathe to ever speak of it, Jessi wore her augmented assets like a badge of honor. Why be ashamed? The boys like it, after all, and so does she. Such forthrightness is unheard of in Korean pop music, and she often seems to leave others simply frozen after speaking.

Regarding the multitude of beach-side flaunting in the Bali-based video for new song 'Down', she's as blunt as ever, "You can’t do something like this in Korea, but I was ready for the criticism. I think it’s right for a woman to be confident with her body. If I’m confident, I can show it. I want all women to be able to do something if it’s what they want."

What may feel like a sales push is empowering for some. 'Down' isn't just ecstatically self-possessed, it's a proper summer anthem. Its a restless tune, revolving between the seeming contradiction of its tropical K-pop gloss and Jessi's deep, lived-in voice. To this day, Jessi is clearly more at ease rapping and singing in English, 'Down' boasts perhaps more Korean than last year's UN2VERSE, but there's no ridding of the American in her voice, and it makes for a unique blend.

Pending the blessings granted your summer, you may not find yourself on a beach (let alone Bali, but we can dream, huh?). 'Down' brings the summer to you. Sand will practically pour from your speakers. Use responsibly.