All this so nearly didn't happen. Sojung came very close to death. The lead vocalist for her group, Ladies' Code, she and all here bandmates were involved in a fatal accident, killing two of their company, with Sojung barely pulling through, spending months in the hospital.

While Ladies' Code returned as a threesome, releasing the somber, reflective music you'd expect from a unit that can never again be quite whole, Sojung's own songs have felt like gasps, contending with her harrowing past while genuinely surging with life, an understandable byproduct having come so close to losing her own. 'Stay Here' stands as the lead single for her return, but it may well be its B-side that has the greatest impact.

'Crystal Clear' starts off gently enough, its creator softly musing on the clarity she's found. Yet, just how hard-earned that balance has been can't help but dominate her mind, and the song practically bursts at the halfway point.

Sojung belts out out her fears and hopes in a crushing that chorus that, towards the song's end, borders on veritable screaming rather than singing. This is driven home all the more in the song's muted video, with Sojung isolated against a wall, directly facing down the camera with her pained gaze as she belts out her every inner thought. "Don't let go," may just be the most general of sentiments, but when she begs, you feel it.

What's more, knowing just how close her shave with death came, it's not hard to imagine the words directed inward, rather than outward. Forget understanding the words, if the sheer power of her voice doesn't reach you, check your pulse.

'Stay Here' and 'Crystal Clear' are out now via Polaris Entertainment. Ladies' Code most recent collective EP, Myst3ry, was released in 2016. Follow Sojung on Twitter or Instagram.