With a European tour already announced for November, we knew it couldn't be long before Kurt Vile would be releasing some new material, and today he's made good on that with the righteous new song and video 'Loading Zones'.

The video tells the tale of Vile cruising complacently around his home town of Philadelphia, swinging nonchalantly from 'Loading Zone' to 'Loading Zone' in his beloved Philadelphia, naturally avoiding the attentions of the local police force (played in the video by Kevin Corrigan (Superbad, The Departed, Goodfellas) and Matt Korvette (frontman of hardcore punk band Pissed Jeans).

Musically, Vile's rambling guitars sound as robust and resplendent as ever, until they start to gently mesh with additional layers of vocoder, wailing electric guitar and emphatic backing vocals. Vile rambles through a list of thoughts and observations, ever the urban balladeer. He sings us through getting his shopping done, observes "three grumpy girls and their dying daddy," and emphatically announces "I PARK FOR FREE!" (which might actually be true in Philadelphia, seeing as he's been honoured with the Liberty Bell Award and has a day named in his honour...). Check it out below.

More news about Kurt Vile's next album is surely forthcoming, so keep your ears on the lookout as you continue to cruise along to 'Loading Zones'.