Post-hardcore favourites La Dispute have made a very welcome return this week with news of their first album in 4 years, Panorama, which will be coming out through their new label home Epitaph on March 22nd. That still seems quite far off, but they've gifted us the album's opening double salvo to sink our teeth into in the meantime.

The couplet starts with the brief ambient intro to the album, 'Rose Quartz', before gliding into 'Fulton Street I' with the grace and vitality of a new day's sunrise. But, what that sun shines upon is not necessarily the most savoury of scenes; La Dispute are driving through their city and seeing the bereft and desolate images of people all around. Rendered in scarce instrumentation, Jordan Dreyer relays images of mourning and disrepair, reflected back in his own shortcomings. This builds into the powerful confession of "I've never put flowers by the street," which holds more weight than the mere words relay. 'Fulton Street I' then recedes back into his internal musings, soon to coil into another powerful outburst. It's a patient and poignant return for La Dispute, which suggests that Panorama will be their most ambitious and emotionally wrought album to date.

Check out 'Rose Quartz'/'Fulton Street I' below with a brilliant animated clip.

La Dispute's fourth album Panorama comes out through Epitaph on March 22nd and can be pre-ordered here.