Mark Nelson has taken his time. With his band Labradford, the first act to be released on kranky back in 1993, he arguably helped define post-rock before the name for such a thing existed.

Also key to his development was the more ambient & dub techno project, pan•american.

At last, he's returned to pan•american, all while blending its style with that of his earlier post-rock inclinations. He didn't return to the moniker lightly. Many of the darker elements of our current society and world inspired his latest work, the modestly titled A Son.

Now, he's shared the project's final track: 'shenandoah'. It's far from a light affair. Speaking on the song, Nelson grows somber:

"I started playing this song in the days after the murder of Heather Heyer. She was killed on August 12, 2017 while protesting the white supremacist/neo-Nazi rally in her hometown, Charlottesville VA. It is intended as a tribute to the hero she was and a requiem for the person she was not permitted to become. Shenandoah is a traditional song surrounded with suggestion but without clear roots. It is a vivid shard of the shared memoryspace and dreamscape of America. Please visit and support"

Check out the song below, donate if you can, and look out for A Son come November 8th.