Leon Bridges burst into public consciousness a couple of years ago with his debut album Coming Home, offering an honest and heartfelt take on old soul stylings. His voice and natural abilities with harnessing the power of emotion in his music captured him hearts the world over. The far-ranging use in TV and film has only increased his platform, and this week he's delivered is first new pieces of music from this new height. Last night on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show he introduced a couple of new tracks 'Bet Ain't Worth The Hand' and 'Bad Bad News'.

'Bet Ain't Worth The Hand' is a captivating low-lit ballad, in which Bridges remonstrates with himself about his painful decisions. Brought into vivid life with the use of violins, harp and xylophone, all backing up his elegant vocals, Bridges turns the simple statement "don't get your feelings broken for nothing/ maybe I'm leaving here with nothing," into something entirely crushing and desperately tangible for anyone who has been through emotional turmoil. As 'Bet Ain't Worth the Hand' plays out, Bridges subtly ups the passion in his voice, drawing the listener even more into his fervent orbit, but he never tips too far into theatrics, allowing the song's simplicity and his natural vocal abilities do just what they need to to ensure a knock-out.

'Bad Bad News' is a more jazzy, up-beat pop number akin to Bruno Mars. It will be interesting to see which route is more indicative of his forthcoming second album Good Thing, due out on May 4th. Check out both songs below.