Leon Vynehall recently announced that he will be releasing a new album called Nothing Is Still on June 15th, and with it he released 'Envelopes (Chapter VII)'. This took many off guard, as it did not comprise the normal floor-filling tech-house beats that Leon has made his name on, but rather was a slow and grandiose mood piece, certainly captivating, but suggesting that it was part of a larger whole. It is today followed up by the new track 'Movements (Chapter III)', which follows suit in many ways.

Leon Vynehall has made his name on putting out body music, with plenty for the head to chew on too, but with these new tracks he's going straight for the head - and the heart. 'Movements (Chapter III)' begins with a short sample, putting us in situ in a night time metropolis still flickering with activity. Vynehall then floats us down the street on spacey percussion, more akin to a fizz than a knock, and a sashaying reverberated gauziness. This sets the scene for beautifully serene jazz to take over as we duck into a hole-in-the-wall club, with saxophones intertwining and rising to a freer space, where they can noodle along with the piano in joyful listlessness.

The inspiration for Nothing Is Still is Vynehall's grandparents' moving to New York in the 1960s. Pairing that idea with the stunning urban collage Vynehall has created in 'Movements (Chapter III)', you can feel the intoxication of the new world they must have felt at that time. It's another enticing cut from the album that is drawing us into the bigger picture, and we'll soon get to hear and see in its entirety.

Nothing Is Still will come out through Ninja Tune on June 15th (pre-order).

Leon Vynehall has also announced his first live dates in support of Nothing Is Still, with a full live band. For now he has announced three nights at London's Hackney Showroom and one off dates in Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam:

20 Jun - Paris @ Cafe de la Danse
21 Jun - Berlin @ Maschinenhaus
22 Jun - Amsterdam @ Melkweg

3 Jul - London @ Hackney Showroom
4 Jul - London @ Hackney Showroom
5 Jul - London @ Hackney Showroom