In the build up to his new album Nothing Is Still, Leon Vynehall has confounded expectations by stepping away from his dancefloor-centric past. First came the moody think piece 'Envelopes (Chapter VI)' and then the ambient-meets-jazz missive 'Movements (Chapter III)'. As the third and final teaser from Nothing Is Still before we get to hear it in full, Vynehall has today released 'English Oak (Chapter VII)'.

Starting with a steady pulse and immediate momentum, 'English Oak' seems to be Vynehall finally cracking open the beats that we've come to love him for - but once again it's a deft feint from the producer, who doesn't fully commit to the floor-filling core of the song, as he's more interested in building up a hallucinatory atmosphere. As wisps of violin start to flurry their way back and forth across the channels, they spin a fantasy web that firmly seats us in the dream world - this song having been inspired by his Grandmother's vivid reverie of falling from the Chrysler building. Once situated in this in-between realm that Vynehall has created, the physical feeling of the world whizzing by comes shooting towards the listener, and it gives the disorienting feeling of large physical masses moving at unnatural speeds all around. It's a hair-raising ride, and one which we encourage you to dive straight into.

(And techno legend Gerd Jansen has also furnished a brilliant 7-minute remix, that you can also hear below.)

Nothing Is Still comes out through Ninja Tune on June 15th and can be pre-ordered here (including a deluxe version that features the novella and that beautiful cover art poster sized). There's also the chance to see Vynehall playing live with a band in the next couple of months - info here.

And if you want even more Vynehall content, here are a couple of beautiful videos for the previously released singles: