If you haven't already been caught up in the tidal wave of excitement around Let's Eat Grandma following the release of 'Hot Pink' and 'Falling Into Me', then third new single 'It's Not Just Me' is surely going to be the one to knock you off your feet.

'It's Not Just Me' sees them again teaming with SOPHIE and Faris Badwan on production, who put together the slamming 'Hot Pink', but this time they're offering a softer and more nostalgic brand electronic euphoria here. Amidst this springy and infectious electronica Let's Eat Grandma's intertwining vocals dance around, painting pictures ranging from domestic normalcy to bleary memories of pure happiness. It's all in service to the song's message of being tempted to take more from a stable long-term relationship. It's the point where you feel you might have reached something beyond friendship, but are too insecure to put yourself out there and grasp for what you deeply desire - unless you know the other person wants it too. Through the haze of the balearic beats and blips, you can audibly hear the pair sifting through cherished memories and realising that this deep swelling feeling of love has been hibernating there for a long time, and it might just be time to let it free.

'It's Not Just Me' comes with a video of the pair dancing around sunny Ibiza, which perfectly matches the song's idyllic heart.

Let's Eat Grandma's hotly anticipated second album I'm All Ears comes out through Transgressive on June 29th.