Prolific Irish folk singer Lisa Hannigan will be releasing a live album on May 31st. Succinctly titled Live In Dublin, it is a document of a recent performance at National Concert Hall in the Irish capital where she was joined by the stargaze orchestra - and the result seems to have been spellbinding.

The album will feature tracks from across her discography, but the song released today is a previously unheard cut called 'Bookmark', Hannigan saying “Bookmark was one of those lost songs that I wrote for ‘At Swim’ that didn’t seem to fit with the rest of that record. I also never could figure out how to orchestrate it beyond my guitar part and it felt a bit stuck. Andre wrote an arrangement for it during the PEOPLE festival in Berlin and overnight it came to life.”

Like the titular item, 'Bookmark' allows us access to step straight into a world of infinite possibility. It rises out of a mist of steamy strings into a delicately cascading aura of beautiful possibility. Hannigan then leads us vocally into an imperious folk song, her poetry emboldened by the multi-faceted backing, allowing the wonderment to expand multifariously. She asks early on "where are we going?" and the truth is that 'Bookmark' takes us deep into her fantastical imagination and could end up anywhere.

Lisa Hannigan and stargaze's Live In Dublin will be out May 31st on PIAS (pre-order).

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