Lizzo has been exploring the powers of her magnificent pipes for some years now, but it seems like the wave of hype has finally caught her up in it, especially with her recent string of singles. Timing couldn't be more perfect, as she's building up towards her highly-anticipate debut album Cuz I Love You, which comes out on April 19th, and today she has shared the excellent title track.

'Cuz I Love You' gives Lizzo the opportunity to show off all the dimensions of her vocal talents, beginning with her desolate admission "I'm crying cuz I love you," before nipping and tucking into dextrous rap verses over plinking pianos, giving her an opportunity to show off her sass and personality. Lizzo then sashays into a bear-hug of a bridge, where we're drawn into her pain with nothing but empathy. She then delivers the killer blow of the explosive chorus, her band backing her to the nines, as she pulverises our nervous system with her absolutely unstoppable voice, reaching from the depths all the way to the heights in a truly awesome sweep. At that point there is truly no other option but to listen to it again.

Lizzo has also announced a date at London's Kentish Town Forum on May 27th, but it's practically sold out already. Let's hope there's another date just ready to be sprung on us.

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