Aya Sinclair, who is known to underground electronic scene as simply LOFT, has announced her fourth EP titled and departt from mono games. With this announcement, LOFT also releases the first single, a bloodthirsty, deconstructed club banger titled ‘That Hyde Trakk.’

Spanning six and a half minutes, ‘That Hyde Trakk’ uncorks like a metallic curveball that changes direction in every which way, with each twist and turn suggesting a new idea, sound and mood. Though it features some standard ‘90s drum and bass elements ala µ-Ziq, LOFT makes the most of the most minimal and devises something that astoundingly layered and forever-mutating.

LOFT’s amorphous display is a percolating mixture of drums that whiplash and slash their way through dazzling patches of synth in a manner you only hear from someone like SOPHIE. With the track’s dynamic demeanor, LOFT crafts an expansive experience that collapses as quickly as it rebuilds. The atmosphere of instability, rearrangement and rebuilding are undeniably chaotic, but it is above all, vulnerable.

With this release, LOFT impresses her three-year-long struggle of finding emotional stability and comfort in her self-image: “The result [of the record] is sedimentary slabs of experience compounded to form a sound ecology in which the arrow of time splits along the shaft," LOFT says. “I’m glad that I’ve reached a period of relative emotional stability at the same time as this record’s release."

Listen to the shape-shifting ‘That Hyde Trakk’ above and follow LOFT on Instagram and Twitter.

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