FAMOUS needs to be on everyone’s radar this instant, for they are one of the best new bands of 2019 - it pains me that I have yet to write about this wonderfully weird outfit. Better late than never, right? Anyway, the band has unveiled their beautifully bleak ‘Forever’, the third single from their forthcoming debut mini-album titled England, which is out later this month.

“This weekend I want to be a part of something higher so that I may forget about you for a while,” yearns Jack Merrett, the band’s vocalist. Using spoken word in a most poignant yet anxiety-ridden way, Merrett navigates the tricky waters of unrequited love through unsettling schmaltz and a tone that is as deeply-felt as it is uneasy.

On the track, the band’s frontman and manic vocalist reveals that he, “wrote 'Forever' about a year ago, whilst reading Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther; a very beautiful but very ridiculous story about unrequited love. The more I read, the more the story started to resemble a situation in my own life. So I took the character’s names and, with that anonymity, was able to speak more cuttingly about my experiences.”

Keeping the context of ‘Forever' in mind, FAMOUS fills morose lyrical spaces (“This weekend I want to smash my head in/ so that I never have to regret letting you have the time of the year…”) with incessant drum patterns and strange synths that coalesce to form something oddly but fittingly depressing.

However, once Merrett utters the lines, “There is so much time that I am not allowed to spend with you/ there is so much to look forward to…”, Jack’s agonizingly anxious reflection on the relationship at hand becomes quite therapeutic - there’s a light at the end of the tunnel amidst this loathsome “time of the year” for the frantic frontman.

Along with the new single, check out FAMOUS’ equally self-deprecating (literally) lyric video directed Peter Price, above, which features Merrett’s snarled face discussing the painful scars left behind by this long lost love. To add more salt to his wounds, Merrett subjects himself to more pain and humiliation as his bandmates douse random crap and crud over his mourning (and smirking) body.

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