"People like you need to fuck people like me," goes a sly condemnation halfway through London-based artist Circe's new tune, 'Barely Breathing'.

Circe's work may carry the sheen of her dream pop origins, but her latest single is no gentle affair. It drips with sadness, frustration, and pain. Penned by the ocean, the setting came to consume the track.

As Circe herself explains, "The sea became a metaphor for my mental state at the time.” She tells us, “The mercurial nature of the sea and its intrinsic dichotomy of pleasure and danger was like a mirror for my overactive romantic imagination. Ultimately the song is a tonic for feverish despair."

The mystical vibe Circe bears is no fluke, with the artist taking her name from the Greek goddess of magic: "Circe encapsulated everything I was feeling as I began writing. I was enraptured by the tales I read of powerful, mystical, she can turn men who have betrayed or hurt her into pigs, but what resonated with me most was her unusual vulnerability and humility that got her thrown out of the house of gods."

While her voice may be icier, shades of Kate Bush resonate through Circe's powerful new track. Check out 'Barely Breathing' below, and catch Circe live in London soon!

Live Dates:

13.02 – Paper Dress Vintage, London (single launch)

08.03 – Sebright Arms, London (supporting No Violet)

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