After the release of the excellent tracks 'Perla' and 'Foam' last year, Glows begins his 2019 with the hazy new track 'Passing Talk'. Glows, real name GG Skips, comments on the track, saying:

"It’s quite a bittersweet one for me, one for the early mornings in winter months when you are on your own, remembering a conversation from before, or trying to make sense of happy or painful memories. Thats the joy of instrumental tracks, they allow reflection, there’s a melancholy to it.”

As we wile away the last days of Winter, with the Spring sun creeping back into our lives, it's a perfect time for 'Passing Talk'. The gentle bustle of Glows' new production delightfully describes the mental activity of a day in seclusion, melding the myriad necessities of the now with the nostalgic warmth of the past. Propulsive percussion and electronics seem to push forward the physical, while cottony mist settles atop, drifting down into the mix like memories you hadn't necessarily invited, and have mixed feelings about revisiting. Even when Glows kicks out the beat in 'Passing Talk', blowing up the track for a moment as if we've just stepped out into society for a second, those nagging emotions don't dissipate, and eventually we lapse back into that pool of remembrance.

Glows has also started a station called Slow Dance Radio, which broadcasts every Wednesday. So far his co-hosts have included other notable South London musicians Sorry, Elsa Hewitt, and Goat Girl.

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