London vocal group Shards have released their debut single ‘Summer Sickness’, along with the preorder to their album Find Sound. Led by producer and composer Kieran Brunt, this is an atmospheric and enveloping piece of music that is pulled along by a hypnotic synth chord formation. The album is described as “astonishing exploration of the human voice,” and this first taste really demonstrates the act’s potential. It balances highly contrasting emotional influences with reflective sounds as the bright synth pairs off against the anguished vocal arrangement.

Speaking on the project and ‘Summer Sickness’, Burnt notes: “I started with the idea of writing a version of the type of song you’d hear at the start of a teen movie, but with a jarring and unsettling feeling bubbling beneath the surface. I love songs which are superficially upbeat and positive, but reveal a darkness and uncertainty upon closer inspection. MIA is one of my favourites for this, an artist who slipped serious messages into the pop mainstream by using bright, colourful sounds and images as a disguise.”

Known for his collaborations, Kieran has pulled together a diverse range of musicians to create one cohesive project in Shards, and the debut record is assured to be an eclectic collection of thoughtful, aerial alternative.

Shards' debut album Find Sound comes out through Erased Tapes on August 30th (pre-order).

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