Lost Under Heaven have announced the release of their second album: it's called Love Hates What You Become and will be released through Mute on January 18th. While that release date seems unfathomably far off, they have at least delivered us the epic closing track 'For The Wild', along with an engrossing video, which should keep us sated for some time.

'For The Wild' is class LUH, building from humble and human beginngings, Ellery Roberts' trademark growl-sing inviting us into his ravaged psyche. It's not long before his voice, and the swelling synth-and-drum arrangement around it, start to build into something more stately. Ebony Hoorn sidles in and fans the flames a little, cooling off from Roberts' white hot passion, before the song builds again. The duo confidently surges and reclines throughout the track, "we rise and fall like rhythms of the ocean" Roberts intones at one point, matching the flow of 'For The Wild'. It all leads to the point where they go for broke in the monumental, festival-ready finale.

A song of this magnitude deserves a video to match, and the clip for 'For The Wild' certainly does that. Roberts explains the concept:

“It’s based off a short story I have been writing about an absurd preacher, whose lack of a charismatic populist message leaves him without a congregation. Alone and increasingly desperate to communicate his self-appointed duty, he ventures out into nature, surrendering to the wild, until eventually he embraces his and humanity’s insignificance in the cosmos.” Watch below.

The January 18th release of Lost Under Heaven's Love Hates What You Become is undoubtedly a long way off, but you can pre-order it here, and get an early glimpse of the new material by catching them at these dates:

27 September | Grow, Tottenham, England
29 September | Stay Fresh Fest @ Deaf Institute, Manchester, England
28 October | Café Du Nord, San Fransisco, USA
29 October | Bunk Bar, Portland, USA
30 October | High Dive, Seattle, USA
3 November | Rough Trade, Brooklyn, USA