A couple of months ago Texan producer Lotic dropped their new single 'Hunted', a punchy and fortifying track. Today they return with a second song from the forthcoming album Power, and it takes a more fragile approach to the same topic.

Speaking about the new track, Lotic said "'Solace' is my reminder to myself that no matter how hard things get, trouble don't last always! Hang in there, it's gon' be ok! It's my self-reminder that I actually am a fearlesss bitch, and that experiencing pain or harship is not a weakness but a moment for growth, for strength."

'Solace' starts with a mournful vocal, opening up into the frigid space occupied by delicately purring synths. As this voice blooms with subtle confidence, so does Lotic's deft production, which creeps in icily and emboldens the motif. The image of our central figure growing in presence and status is clear through these meticulously worked elements, which blossom out warily but wondrously from the soulful core. Later in the song the lonely vocal flutters over gnashing electronics, but rides them out with grace and poise, as the soul overcomes the stresses of the outside world. 'Solace' is set to be the closing track on Power, and as such does a fine job bringing the themes of inner strength and self-confidence together in a subtle but rousing send-off.

Lotic's debut album Power comes out through Tri Angle records on July 13th.