Lucy Dacus is releasing a new album entitled Historians on March 2nd through Matador. The lead off track from the album, 'Night Shift', showed her growth as a songwriter and creator, with a huge anthemic rock sound. Her next act is 'Addictions', which shows that we can expect plenty more grand rock songs from the album.

In 'Addictions' Dacus takes a deep dive into her wallowing, imploring "Forget your current lover, remember me that one July." It's not all self-pity though, as she shows she has some claws when she sings "I'm just calling 'cause I'm used to it/ and you'll pick up 'cause you're not a quitter/ you've got addictions too." Riding on the back of a fuzzed-out guitar riff, emblazoned with brass accompaniment, it's a fireball of a song.

'Addictions' comes with a video self-directed by Dacus, which is meant as an ode to her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. We follow a protagonist who looks at the world through a picture frame, rendering it black and white, enforcing a separation between reality and perception, and making a subtle commentary on the addictions that make us see the world in different ways.

Watch the video for 'Addictions' below.