Jazz is known to be a deeply communal and collaborative genre, so it's perhaps surprising that we don't hear of that many jazz "super groups." However, for lack of a better term, that's what Szun Waves is; it features noted instrumental experimentalist Luke Abbott, Jack Wylie of longstanding jazz act Portico Quartet, and Laurence Pike from experimental/free-form rockers PVT. They released their first album a little while back, but if you missed that then they're back with a new album due this summer, and the lead single 'Constellation' will soon have you under its spell.

'Constellation' begins with simplistic synthesizer melodies spiralling out from the centre, like a lonely signal searching for other life forms. Mournful saxophone and delicate drums are in the mix from the start, but are also seemingly searching. 'Constellation' spends its opening minutes with these elements gradually wrapping themselves around each other in search of cohesion, which comes over the piece as naturally as daybreak. As it all congeals into a beautiful whole around the half way point, you can hear the various elements start to strain and crack as they become tangled inextricably within one another. The denouement of the song is a glorious kaleidoscope of interwoven melodies and textures, all supporting and accentuating the other until we're left with the glowing and life-affirming 'Constellation' of the piece's title, which then fades slowly into the emerging light of another new day.

Szun Waves' second album New Hymn To Freedom will come out through the Leaf Label on August 31st.