Smooth, delicate but incredibly soul-crushing, British-Polish multi-instrumentalist Luke Marzec is on the rise thanks to his expansive musical palette and ability to dredge profound heart from the overly-saturated depths of synthesized platitudes.

With the release of ‘Feel,’ listeners are struck to the core with an exhale of plaintive ambient whispers and percussive shivers which slowly build into grander proportions for the duration of three of the track’s five minutes. It takes a while for Marzec’s voice to arrive, but once it lands, the moment is startling cathartic.

Blending ambient, R&B and jazz elements, ‘Feel’ is faintly textured but recollects its minimal core nonetheless. Matching the simple but ruminative burn of these arrangements, Marzec imbues the breadth of celestial space with a eulogy to friendship and forgiveness, singing to an unnamed friend, “Oh I believe you / I see you / I hear you / I feel you…”

“‘Feel’ was written for a friend. I was angry that I had disappointed him and sad that our relationship was suffering. The process of writing this song turned my sadness and anger into hope and love. It is a symbol of our bond.”

However, the sentiment of frustration in friendship is not driven home without the aid of the track’s mesmerizing music video shot by London filmmaker Harry Lindley, depicting London’s urban decay to parallel the deteriorating state of this obviously meaningful friendship.

Though Marzec does not utter a word until the third miniute, this track’s visual completes the vague story by flashing by a series of honest phrases including, “Music saves me,” “It’s where I’m free,” and “It’s a symbol of our bond.”

Watch the awe-inspiring music video for ‘Feel’ above and follow Marzec on Facebook and Instagram.

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