It's been a long 4 years since Lykke Li's stellar last album I Never Learn, which further cemented her as one of the most vital voices in modern pop. In the interrim she's dabbled with other projects, but has always been hinting that she's working on solo material too. This week it has finally been revealed that Lykke Li will be releasing an album called so sad so sexy through RCA on June 8th.

The protracted wait for a new album suggested a deeper level of production and detail in her new sound - and this has been proven to be true on her new songs 'deep end', produced by Jeff Bhasker, Malay, and T-Minu, and 'hard rain', produced by Rostam Batmanglij.

On 'deep end' Lykke contends with a thudding trap beat and skilfully manages to apply a modified version of her sweeping pop stylings to the chorus. In the swaggering verses she verbally skips around clicks, whirrs and slithers of piano, proving that her musical skills are not limited to simple pop tunes.

'hard rain' hews closer to the grandiose lovelorn balladry that she perfected on I Never Learn, but here the expertly synthesized and layered voices offer a refracted view. This becomes even more warped with pitch-shifted backing vocals and slathers of gooey synth underpinning the later verses.

Listen to both below.

Lykke Li's so sad so sexy comes out through RCA on June 8th.