Secretly Canadian have become known for being purveyors of some of the finest art rock of recent years, from ANOHNI to Cherry Glazerr, but in their latest signing, Makeness, they have broadened their brand, branching out into the world of dancefloor-filling electronic compositions.

That's not to say that Makeness lacks the emotional heft of his labelmates, as new single 'Day Old Death' proves. The track unfolds in a tempestuous manner, building from pensive electronica beginnings into something bass-heavy, driving and ready to be deployed on any sweaty nightclub floor. Behind the beats is Kyle Molleson, whose sighing vocals add an emotional sheen to the forceful nature of the production, giving the thrusting electronics a human heartbeat.

Molleson says of 'Day Old Death': "[it] took me by surprise. It was a Sunday and I was preparing to leave the studio in Scotland after a few days off work. The whole time there had been overshadowed by the passing of a colleague a week prior... I sat down at the Korg PS-3100 synth needing a break from very slowly packing flight cases and tripping over cables. It has this micro tuning function where you can slightly detune each note and everything starts to sound a little more interesting and meaningful. Something about the pensive, meandering drone the synth was conjuring connected me with the feeling of hearing the news from the week before. I think pouring that emotion into music was the best way I could express how I felt.”

Watch and listen to 'Day Old Death' below.

Makeness' debut album will be arriving in 2018. Keep up with news of that on his socials: Facebook and Twitter.