Purveyors of quality power-punk Martha have announced their new album: it's called Love Keeps Kicking and is due out on April 5th through Big Scary Monsters. Having already given us a teaser in 'Heart Is Healing' at the end of last year, the foursome have now shared the title track from the forthcoming record.

The album is said to be about the many angles of a break up, but typical for the County Durham band they've turned that heartache into sunshine on 'Love Keeps Kicking'. The track comes out swinging with a twanging guitar lead, diving us straight into a verse full of self-doubt and confusion ("I need a pain interpreter to decipher your midnight texts... sometimes I feel so empty I just want to leave it all"). Regardless, this is all swept aside in the gung-ho admission of the chorus, "love keeps kicking," delivered with power-pop gang vocals making it an instantaneous earworm. Martha soon dive back into more painful memories, and while the full message is "love keeps kicking the shit out of me," the hook is so big and punchy that the residual feeling is that love is worth searching out again and again - even if it is going to deal you continuous body blows each time.

The video for 'Love Keeps Kicking' turns the song's metaphor into a 50s sci-fi homage, as Martha explain:

"We wanted to do an old sci-fi alien invasion pastiche and create a threat that no one can outrun, because as the song implies, at some point or another, we all feel the harsh sting of heartbreak. And what better metaphor is there for the inevitability of a broken heart than the swift kick of a giant disembodied foot? It basically wrote itself."

Martha's Love Keeps Kicking will be out on April 5th through Big Scary Monsters (pre-order). They've also got this tour planned:

22 - 23 March - ES - Madrid Popfest
07 April - BEL - Antwerp, Trix
08 April - DE - Bochum, Rotunde
09 April - DE - Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
10 April - DE -Köln, Sonic Ballroom
12 April - CZ - Prague - Klub 007 Strahow
13 April - DE- Alte Mälzerei, Heimspiel Festival
16 April - UK - London - The Garage
20 April - UK - Manchester - Manchester Punk Fest
26 April - UK - Bristol - Exchange
27 April - UK - Brighton - West Hill Hall
28 April - UK -Birmingham - Hare & Hounds
3 May - UK - Glasgow - Mono
5 May - UK - Leicester - Handmade Festival

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