Mary Lattimore recently announced that she'll be releasing a new solo album called Hundreds Of Days on May 18th, and shared the song 'Hello From The Edge Of The Earth', but that was just a tiny snippet of what she's got in store, it seems.

This week she returns with the 11 minute 'It Feels Like Floating', a song that does exactly what its title suggests. Over the course of its extended run time, Lattimore's careful and considered harp plucking is like blissful little pricks on your skin, slowly and subtly lifting you out of your seat. As she unspools a web of perfectly resonant notes, she starts to imbue the composition with synthesizers; at first a deep and atmospheric bed, like the gentle breeze starting to gather under your now floating body, and later on more whizzing effects, like little gusts gently pushing you higher and higher. Overall 'It Feels Like Floating' is a testament to what gigantic feats can be achieved with such minimal instrumentation, and it promises that Hundreds Of Days will be a wholly captivating and engrossing experience.

Lattimore, speaking on the inspiration for the track, says: “It started off being a song about a description of a guy's drug experience - it was the answer when I asked what it felt like to him. The song morphed into an ode to anything that you do alone and personal; be it swimming or skateboarding in the night by yourself; riding a bike or playing a harp in a redwood barn by the Pacific Ocean. It's looking at the world through a filter of blissed-out detachment, untouchable for a minute.”

Listen to 'It Feels Like Floating' below.

Pre-order Hundreds Of Days from here ahead of its May 18th release on Ghostly International.