Last year Matthew Dear released 'Bad Ones', a collaboration with Tegan and Sara, which will feature on his upcoming album Bunny, due out on October 12th. Today he has revealed 'Horses', another track from the upcoming album which again sees him enlisting the sisters for vocal duties. Following the hallucinogenic lead singles 'Bunny's Dream' and 'Modafinil Blues', 'Horses' is a much more grounded and tangible love story, as Dear explains:

"There was a small gallery on Crosby Street in Soho with beautiful large photographs of the wild Sable Island Horses. One photograph in particular was of a horse affectionately biting another, both of their sun-drenched manes flowing wildly in the ocean air. My wife and I passed the window many times over the years and would always say, "that's us." Majestic animals, fitting our definition of love. Unpredictable paths with choices made together and other times miles apart. Above all else, we wanted to be those two horses, eternally connected at the end of it all. The song is as deep of an homage to love as I've written. I probably won't write another like this one. It took years to finish."

With the background story in place, and Tegan and Sara effectively taking on the role of Matthew's wife, 'Horses' is a deeply moving track. Dear's dance-centric elements are still intact, but toned down to allow the imagery of these lifelong partners to take hold, and in his delicately synthesized hues are the tones of a gorgeous landscape into which the titular 'Horses' run wild and free. There's a subtle complexity to 'Horses' that speaks to the tribulations that come with a long-term relationship, but the song's unending strides speak to the eternity of love held between them.

Sara Quin touches on these deft details as she explains why she loves to work with Dear: "I love being in Matthew's music brain and leaving little ideas of my own wherever it makes sense. His songs sometimes feel abstract, like puzzles that I can't stop listening to. It continues to be a great privilege and honor for us to collaborate with him."

Matthew Dear's Bunny comes out through Ghostly International on October 12th and can be pre-ordered here.