Sui Zhen has been gradually beguiling and winning over fans since the release of her debut album in 2012, steadily releasing music and building to today, when she has signed for renowned boutique label Cascine for the release of her new album Losing, Linda, which comes out on September 27th. As suggested by the title, Losing, Linda is about managing loss and tragedy. Sui Zhen explains further:

"It's an album about missing people after they are gone and trying to pre-empt loss - not only loss of life, but memory and information... It's also a simple ghost story about being haunted by our other versions and our past selves. Our mothers, fathers, ancestors - that possibility that another may exist, intangible in the physical realm, but ever present in memory, so long as memory functions."

Rather than show a tentative approach to this spiritual realm, Sui Zhen takes cautious but unafraid steps on new single 'Perfect Place' that suggest she is seeking out a partition between worlds where she can cross over. 'Perfect Place' is woven together like beautiful wisps of spectral beauty, pairing her subtle and delicate instrumentation with her tentative but alluring vocals, she helps us to envision this crossing over point. The weightlessness of her soul in 'Perfect Place' is infectious, immediately making us feel like we're floating with her, following her trail of thought that allows us to envision the infinitude of existence and a feeling of peace washes over us; "I just can't explain it, it does something to me."

Sui Zhen's new album Losing, Linda is out September 27th on Cascine (pre-order). Follow Sui Zhen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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