Melody Prochaine, aka Melody's Echo Chamber, recently broke her silence with the announcement of a new album, Bon Voyage, and the track 'Breathe In, Breathe Out'. As that song found her escaping into nature to find some respite, the follow up track 'Desert Horse' does similar, although it's a much deeper and more unpredictable excursion.

In the middle of 'Breathe In, Breathe Out', Prochaine exclaims "I just wanna fucking breathe!" On 'Desert Horse' we can clearly hear her close mic'd breathing, but it's not inhalations of relaxation, but rather pants of confusion as she in the middle of a trippy ride through layers of sounds, samples and images. It starts simply enough with ice walls of synth and a loopy bass line, but things quickly get subsumed by weirdness as more alien-sounding synths, African horns and strings all elbow their way into the crowded space. Ever in control, Melody cuts this flow open to insert a pitch-shifted vocal aside giving way to the proclamation: "so much blood on my hands and not much to destroy." This is all within the first two minutes, and the song's final three take us on an even more psychedelic and completely random-seeming aural voyage that no words could properly explain.

Melody does her best, saying “this track was a monster... It's the most sculptural and mad I guess. It embodies my difficult life journey these last few years through my own personal desert of heartaches, thirst, mirages, moving sands, disillusionment and of becoming an adult woman in a mad world. It's a little punk to me somehow.”

Listen to 'Desert Horse' below, with a video by Daniel Foothead, which is a sequel to the one for 'Breathe In, Breathe Out'.

Bon Voyage comes out through Domino on June 15th - pre-order.