Australian band Middle Kids will be releasing their debut album Lost Friends on May 4th; the culmination of a few years of strong singles, touring and buzz building. With just a month left until its release, they have today released the cathartic new song 'On My Knees'.

'On My Knees' is, like previous single 'Mistake', it's a song full of regret and desire to overcome. This time Hannah Joy's lyrics are less regretful and more fiery, full of purpose and confidence in her own self-worth. It's a song of learning to understand your place in the world and to impose yourself on it, no matter what people may think. To back her up, Middle Kids have cooked up a spirited pop-rock jaunt that flings itself about with measured abandon, wheeling its way dynamically through verses before propelling itself into the pogoing chorus, which is undoubtedly going to become a scream-along favourite with live crowds in the near future.

Middle Kids share this about 'On My Knees': "[it's] “about rejecting the value system of the individual as the prime unit of society. It’s also about how suffering and disappointment can help change our perspective in a healthy way. When we stop focus on ‘winning’ and can submit to something bigger, or to each other, we are better people.”

Listen to 'On My Knees' below.

Pre-order Middle Kids' debut album Lost Friends from here ahead of its May 4th release on Lucky Number.