On October 26th, LA-based alt-pop artist Miya Folick will be releasing her debut album Premonitions via Terrible Records. She had been planning to release the album's opening track 'Thingamajig' today, but considering all of the things that are happening in US politics right now, she wanted to get the song out yesterday to anyone who wanted it - as she detailed in her tweet which concludes "I think some people have bigger apologies to make than others. I want to hear u say ur sorry."

She has also called 'Thingamajig' "the deepest apology", as you can see in her handwritten note above. To receive this song as an apology would be the most crushing and simultaneously heartwarming sentiment you could imagine; Folick's heavenly voice floats through the apology, imbuing the simple "I'm sorry" with the most tender and rich emotion possible. Around her voice are simple looping coos and see-sawing violins, which only embolden her central figure, as she encouragingly concludes "only you know what to do." Listen to 'Thingamajig' below.

Look out for Miya Folick's debut album Premonitions on the 26th, and our interview with her all about the record published around that time too.