Having released several promising EPs and singles in previous years, Miya Folick has been angling towards her debut album this year with fantastic singles 'Deadbody' and 'Stock Image', culminating in this week's new track 'Stop Talking'. These three songs will appear on her debut album Premonitions, which will come out on Terrible Records on October 26th.

Of the new track 'Stop Talking', Folick has said "STOP TALKING is a song I made for my friend. It’s an ode to friendships that are brutally honest and deliciously fun. It’s meant to be a bop about being better people for ourselves and for our loved ones!"

'Stop Talking' is undoubtedly the brightest and bounciest song Folick has revealed from the album so far, and it's unsurprising that it was inspired from close friendship, as it's frothing over with the kind of innocent joy that comes from care free moments with close ones. Lyrically the track takes the form of one friend's advice to another who is too obsessed with a boy who's clearly not worthy of her attention, and although Folick admits she's done her fair share of obsessing, she uses her insuppressible pop prowess to easily sweep him aside with the simple and loving admonition "stop talking about that boy."

Miya Folick has also created an excellent video of multiple costumes, locations and synchronised dance moves to accompany 'Stop Talking'; watch and listen below.

Folick's debut album Premonitions comes out on October 26th; you can read more about it and pre-order it on her bandcamp.