Following on from last year's exceptional debut album Aromanticism, Moses Sumney has been touring pretty full-on, but he has found time to put together a new EP called Black in Deep Red, 2014. The 3-track release will come out next Friday, August 10th.

The EP was inspired by attending a protest in 2014, as he explains:

"Black in Deep Red, 2014 was ignited by the first and last time I attended a protest. It was in the fall of 2014, after a grand jury decided not to charge the offending officer in the Mike Brown murder, delivering the verdict just in time for them to get home for Thanksgiving. I felt like a camouflaged outsider at the protest, like an anthropologist performing a study amongst his own kind. I took to the mountains soon after that and wrote these songs, wondering if power was a transferable device that could change hands through the vocalizing of unrest."

The first track to be shared is 'Rank & File'. Whereas Aromanticism dealt with matters of the heart, and as such was a woozy and delicate affair, 'Rank & File' takes on the atmosphere of its inception: rigid, tough and gritty. Sumney evokes the atmosphere with surging bass and chanted vocal samples; in this harsher-edged arena he proves that he has more facets to his vocal abilities and lyrics, which are strong and intimidating; "Now watch how they tremble/ Without credential/ Orders they follow/ Skin deep and hollow." 'Rank & File' comes together more like a rock song than any he has put out before, sturdy and straightforward in its shape, ensuring that the message makes an impact. It's a stunning turn to hear the singer, usually so warm and tender, turn cold and pointed with such effect on 'Rank & File'.

Sumney continues touring through the rest of the year, including these European dates in September:

19 - Manchester, UK @ The Dancehouse Theatre
20 - Leeds, UK @ Howard Assembly Room
21 - London, UK @ Royal Festival Hall
23 - Berlin, Germany @ Funkhaus
25 - Goningen, Netherlands @ Nieuwe Kerk
26 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso
28 - Brussels, Belgium @ Botanique Orangerie