American foursome Mothers have announced the release of their second album Render Another Ugly Method, due out on September 7th via Anti-. The lead single from the album is 'Pink', a seven minute mission statement from the project.

Having worked with John Congleton on their second record, 'Pink' immediately makes it clear that Mothers have sharpened their teeth and bolstered their musical muscles. “’Pink’ deals with the passage of time,” explains lead singer and songwriter Kristine Leschper, "it describes a series of memories within cars - cars of my childhood, recent past, and present - and subsequent feelings of childlike removal and helplessness." This is heard straight from the off, as Mothers fire up their engine with ease, and have it purring along comfortably as Lepscher works through her memories of motion.

'Pink' is a gradual acceleration down a shallow descent, the song picking up energy almost imperceptibly, as it's so smooth and controlled. The heat flying off the band as they cruise is palpable, the bass twitching around inside the blurred guitar chords, while the percussion chugs along keeping it all in line, all the while Leschper's vocal is getting gradually more agitated - as if the motion is all imaginary, and she's actually stuck idling in reality. This all comes to a head in the song's explosive finale.

'Pink' comes with a clip, which Leschper explains: "The video aims to reciprocate these three vignettes of idling, through limited actions and minimalist set design divided into three parts.” Check it out below.

Mothers' Render Another Ugly Method comes out on Anti- on September 7th. They're also touring all over North America, check out their Facebook for more info.