Sandunes is the moniker of Mumbai-based producer Sanaya Aredeshir, who has an EP called 11:11 coming out on September 6th through !K7. She gives a brief introduction to the 11:11 EP by saying:

“My fascination here isn't about the numbers itself, as much as it is about these repetitive occurrences that we’re happy to call coincidences. When I was thinking about what I should name the song, my eyes fell on the time, and it was 11:11.”

Lead track 'Eleven Eleven' immediately escapes from the bustle you'd expect of sounds coming from a major metropolitan like Mumbai, instead evoking the glistening beaches of somewhere like Goa. With wispy trails of electronics mingling with the vocals of fellow Indian musicians Landslands, the atmosphere is pungent with promise, like a draft of incense smoke flowing gracefully across your senses. Beneath this Sandunes keeps 'Eleven Eleven' moving with a syncopated click track and arpeggiating melodies that both shimmer in the reflection of the voices and propel the track onwards. 'Eleven Eleven' straddles sounds of pop, electronica and jazz, coagulating into a unique and very promising concoction from the emerging artist.

Sandunes' 11:11 EP is out September 6th on !K7. She'll also be playing in London on September 12th at The Pickle Factory (tickets). You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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