My Panda Shall Fly is a wizard, a sanguine electronic wizard of the South London producing scene, bolstered by his background in visual art and impressive cuts (including remixes) released to date. See 'Sorry I Took So Long', and the art collective nights of Lucky PDF for evidence of this.

Suren Seneviratne (the real name) has teamed up with former drummer and analogue-loving producer Benjamin Jackson for a new EP titled Let's Vibrate Together. They created much of the collaboration without having met each other, using electronic mail to exchange a flurry of ideas and, more practically, files.

The main track 'Data Module' is erratically sliced, skewed and then reassembled into a garage-influenced, soulful yet naughty little vibrant number; and furthermore the EP contains THREE extra remixes of the track that each bring something very different to the party-stained table. Cloud Boat, patten and the Gaviscon-obsessed Chairman Kato are the three artisans on remix duties.

'Let's Vibrate Together' is out on London-based label Five Easy Pieces now, and you can indulge your senses by listeneing to the sussrus Chairman Kato remix below.

We have an interesting interview coming up with the two soon, watch this space... and get yourself down to The Shackwell Arms on 17th March for the EP launch.