Drawing from a textured well of influences including her African heritage (granddaughter of a renowned Ugandan jazz musician), Thundercat and wait for it—Mac DeMarco, 23-year-old Lizbet Sempa makes her debut under the name MYSIE with the release of her intoxicating new single titled ‘Rocking Chair.’

Strumming heartstrings with an immaculately produced instrumental and hauntingly eloquent vocals, ‘Rocking Chair’ is a breathtaking expose of contemporary RnB at its finest. With melodic piano and ambient synths combining for a feeling most pensive, these elements ultimately draw ears back to MYSIE’s resounding words and fluttering voice.

Sopping with vulnerability, ‘Rocking Chair’ sways with simultaneous confidence, expressed through the sentiment of being unafraid to “[Put] yourself first, waiting for yourself and no-one else," MYSIE says.

As the track’s end rears its head, the burgeoning croons beckon her listeners with a cry of slight urgency, “You just wait for you... just keep on rocking, rocking...” As MYSIE placates the air with an assuaging vocal release, it’s difficult to ignore the aching nature of her earnestness. It’s both startling, poignant, but above all, an undeniable mark of an incredibly talented mind on the rise.

With ‘Rocking Chair’ the first of many releases over the coming months, make sure to keep up with the rise of MYSIE on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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