Some excitement started bubbling recently when a newcomer called NANCY appeared with 'Bootz - Are Made For Walkin'' a powerful and unique cover of the Nancy Sinatra classic. Now some more info has been released about Northern English songwriter, namely that they'll be releasing an EP called Mysterious Visions through Cannibal Hymns on November 9th. It should give us even more colour to our picture of the budding artist, as they state:

“"Teenage Fantasy is your first glimpse into my world. A peak behind the curtain before the matinee begins. I am the pop culture that you all love, chewed up and spat out back onto the canvas. Teenage Fantasy is the song I hear when I dream. It wakes me up nostalgic for a time that never existed. It is the soundtrack to the childhood I never had and the road map to a future I can't predict. It's Nancy...”

That coyness and confidence carries over into her new single 'Teenage Fantasy', which immediately slams into your attention with a fizzing block of vintage synths and a propulsive gait. The verses are spent luring you in with subtle vocals vying for attention amidst colourful guitar licks and the continued beat propulsion - until we land headlong in the massive chorus. 'Teenage Fantasy' is a blockbuster song which already has us envisioning Nancy playing festival mainstages to large, swaying crowds crowds, singing and dancing along for all they're worth.

Cannibal Hymns is putting out Nancy's EP Mysterious Visions on November 9th in a limited edition 300-pressing of cassettes that look like cigarette packets - pre-order here.