Sometimes it's quite unbelivable that an artist's early singles can come out sounding so mature and fully-formed, it seems that their musicality must have been incubating for a long time. This is actually the case with NADINE, the new project of Nadine Hulet of Phantom Posse along with members of Ava Luna, who have been writing and performing in the Minneapolis scene for a while now. Today they have sashayed forth with the sultry indie selection 'Not My Kinda Movie'.

'Not My Kinda Movie' jostles along on a swaying bass and piano combination, that move suggestively together like a figure carving their way across a moonlit dancefloor. Lyrically, NADINE is trying to figure out the inscrutable object of her affections, and is delicately untangling her thoughts in suggestive and teasing tones. The song displays a cultivated sound, with a delightful patience and understanding of the understated instrumental build, that finds your mind reeling away with the whispering fade out. It suggests a world of delights to come on their forthcoming debut album oh my.

Have a taste of NADINE's 'Not My Kinda Movie' below.

NADINE's debut album oh my will be released on January 26th via Memphis Industries and Father/Daughter records. Follow them on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.