Naomi Scott is a rising figure in both the music and film worlds, with 2 EPs already released and 2 major Hollywood pictures coming out soon. Today she releases another new single called 'Irrelevant', which shows that her focus is strong even amidst all these demands, as she artfully and damningly puts her ex in their place on this stylish pop number.

With a deep low-end and skilful electronic production, 'Irrelevant' is a perfect arena for Scott to use her rich and honeyed voice to coolly float in and relay a simple yet damning put down: "you're irrelevant boy." With her cooing vocals flashing like fireflies in the background, and additional layers of synth wrapping themselves around our central figure, her appeal and strength is amplified, making the gut punch of the message all the more impactful. Although the damage is already done by Scott's imperious voice, lyricism and general aura in the song, Nick Brewer hops in at the end to double down on the kiss off. 'Irrelevant' is a song showing a rising star in full force, completely self-possessed and radiating confidence. If she wasn't on your ones to watch list before, she must be now.

Naomi Scott will be playing at this year's Great Escape in Brighton on Saturday 19th May, with more dates to follow very soon. Follow Naomi on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.