Natalie Prass recently announced that her second album The Future and the Past would be coming out in June, and with it she shared 'Short Court Style', a song that hinted that she'd be moving on from the stately Disney-esque compositions of her debut. That fact comes into even starker focus with the second new single, 'Sisters'.

With hints of gospel in its gang vocals, and funk in its insatiable bass line, 'Sisters' is certainly a mature step for the young songwriter. The maturity is just as present in the lyricism; Prass admitted in the announcement of The Future and the Past that she had re-written her whole album in the wake of the Trump election, and while that might not have been obvious from the previous single, 'Sisters' is a direct reaction to it. The election has prompted an uptick in speaking out for women's rights, and Prass might have produced the perfect anthem for the feminist movement with 'Sisters', as she returns to the refrain "keep your sisters close/ you gotta keep your sisters close" throughout the song, building up to a full-on stomping chorus of defiance and unity:

"I wanna say it loud/For all the ones held down
We gotta change the plan/Come on nasty women
So all the bad girls here/Let’s make that clear
And we’ll say it fast/We’re world wide, world class"

It's as rousing a pop song as you could imagine. Natalie has also given a long and impassioned quote on 'Sisters', which you can read in its entirety at the bottom of this post. Listen to 'Sisters' below.

Natalie Prass' The Future & the Past comes out through ATO Records on June 1st. She'll be coming to the UK ahead of that to play these dates:

23 Apr - London @ Bush Hall SOLD OUT
26 Apr - Brighton @ Bau Wow
27 Apr - Manchester @ Band on the Wall
28 Apr - Birmingham @ Hare & Hounds
29 Apr - Glasgow @ Mono

Natalie says this about 'Sisters':

"This song was written right after 45 was elected. I was raised in an environment where “women can’t do this or that”. It was around me in my personal life, but was also deeply built in the culture around me. It resulted in me thinking (sadly up until recently) to be a girl meant to be weak. I was rebellious and confused on what being a woman meant for me in life. A lot of women can’t relate to my situation, and I commend you, but I know a lot of women and girls out there can relate to my story. I now know more than ever that women are a force to be reckoned with, and we can change this world for the better. I desperately needed an anthem after Nov. 6. 2016. All of my past ghosts that I thought I had overcome came back to haunt me and I was paralyzed for months. This song was my warrior cry when I was losing hope. We demand equality for all marginalized groups, we demand safety in our neighborhoods, we demand safe health care and proper family leave, we demand better public schools for all classes, we demand equal pay & safety in our place of work. There are solutions to these issues and we need to stick together to solve them. When one ship rises, we all rise. Keep your sisters close. WE ARE WORLD WIDE WORLD CLASS."