Saloli is a new moniker for Portland-based artist Mary Sutton, who has just announced her signing to renowned and beloved label Kranky. The album is called The Deep End and comes out on October 26th. The Deep End was inspired by a performance she gave at a clothing-optional soaking-pool - an unusual venue to say the least, but one that inspired Sutton to write and record a whole album of material that might suit such a setting: “I had never composed for synth before but wanted to make something people sitting motionless and naked in hot bubbly water would want to hear.” She also draws inspiration from 19th-20th century composer Erik Satie, in whose work she particularly admires how “he subtly spins melodic fragments, and pivots harmonies and phrases so the repetitions feel new and surprising yet soothingly familiar, as if casting a spell.”

You can hear all of those elements bubbling together in the first composition to be shared from the album, 'Barcarolle', which takes its name from the traditional songs sung by Venetian gondoliers. This aquatic and slowly gliding feeling is transposed into Saloli's music via her swooping and curling synthesized sounds, which loop through and around each other like light reflecting off ripples. Beneath this is a gentle and warm undercurrent, as the comfortable heat of the water expresses itself through her darier shades that mingle in the depths of the track. 'Barcarolle' is one that truly does evoke the feeling of being in a warm bath, and suggests many more transportative compositions to come on Saloli's The Deep End.

Saloli's The Deep End comes out through Kranky on October 26th and can be pre-ordered here.