Here's some news we've been waiting for: Nilüfer Yanya has announced her debut album. It's called Miss Universe and will come out on ATO Records on March 22nd. Considering the album includes a whopping 17 tracks, it's a mark of her confidence that it doesn't include previously aired hits like 'Baby Luv' and 'Thanks 4 Nothing', but comprises pretty much all new material. One of the new tracks is called 'In Your Head', and is released today alongside a video of Yanya in the Nevada Desert.

Speaking on the track, Yanya says “Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me and I get trapped. There’s the things I need disguised as things I think I only want, things I think I’m choosing out of choice not necessity. Sometimes this only becomes clear in retrospect, or maybe it will never become clear. Some people may call that being paranoid. I think that’s what I wrote the song about, but what’s interesting to me, and what I think I was trying to get at, is the illusion of freedom.”

At 23, Yanya is the perfect age to get lost in the wonders of Las Vegas, but as this song and the above quote proves she possesses a mind and character beyond her years. 'In Your Head' is an emphatic rock song that pushes Yanya's rich and jazzy voice to the forefront in a new way, with an effervescence that is intoxicating. The blustering guitars tug along a tumbling diatribe from Yanya, as she examines her questionable thoughts, spiralling into a cataclysmic realisation "I can't think think what I want/ I can't feel what I feel/ Until you say it out loud/ How will I know if it's real?" This quest for validation seems desperate written down, but 'In Your Head' is buoyed by luminous organ undercurrents and Yanya's diverting vocal that keeps the playfulness at the forefront - especially in conjunction with the fantastic video. Check out 'In Your Head' below.

Nilüfer Yanya's debut album Miss World is out March 22nd via ATO; pre-order and get the info here. She's also got a ton of dates coming up in Europe:

28 March | Babylon, Istanbul
3 April | CCA, Glasgow
4 April | YES, Manchester
5 April | Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
6 April | The Cluny, Newcastle
8 April | O2 Academy Leicester University, Leicester
9 April | Evolutionary Arts Hackney, London
11 April | Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
12 April | Thekla, Bristol
13 April | O2 Academy Oxford, Oxford
14 April | The Haunt, Brighton
16 April | Bitterzoet, Amsterdam
17 April | Nochtwache, Hamburg
18 April | Kantine am Berghain, Berlin
19 April | Motel Mozaique, Rotterdam
21 April | Chelsea Club, Vienna
22 April | Ampere, Munich
24 April | Exil, Zurich
25 April | Blue Shell, Koln
26 April | Le Point Ephemere, Paris
29 April | Les Nuits Botanique Festival, Brussels
30 April | Merleyn, Nijmegen
1 May | ACU, Utrecht
1 June | Primavera Sound, Barcelona, Spain
8-12 August | Belle & Sebastian Boaty Weekender

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