Building on her recent single 'Bad Habits' from back in June, Noga Erez has put out another smashing single called 'Cash Out' - and she's brought back up in the form of Philadelphia rapper SAMMUS. The pairing sounds like a perfect match on paper, and they don't disappoint, especially when considering the topic of 'Cash Out':

"The intention is to list out things that can make you a successful woman, in the most twisted, chauvinistic way” Erez explains. “What society’s version is contradicts itself (eat breakfast, not too much), and is derived from the image of well-being and wealth that is presented to us alongside commercials about food, food porn etc. It all sums up a person feeling that their mind is exploding from consuming everything that we are fed by society and advertising companies. The song is all from a woman’s perspective."

Noga kicks things off with popping imagery and vocal characterisation of a true boss, but who realises that she has to live up to certain extraordinary expectations to maintain that facade: "Keep your head low/ Keep your weight low/ Slow walk up a hill/ Tiptoetiptoe/ Dream it till it's yours/ Don't dream too high though/ Ceiling hits your head/ Your billing's always low."

SAMMUS hops on the thudding and skittering beat for the final furore, swirling up the song into a genuine twister: "My world is bigger than their misery/ Sorry that they’re miserable/ They can't imprison the invincible/ Remember they’re visiting/ They are just a visitors/ No they’re not listening/ I’m getting bored." Give it a spin below.

'Cash Out' is available now on all digital platforms. Catch Noga Erez at these dates:

25 Assisi, IT - Riverock Festival
27 Zurich, CH – Theaterspieltakel