Sea Change is a Norwegian artist with a new album called INSIDE coming out on November 15th. Ironically, the lead single is called 'Stepping Out', but the titles of the album and the single are intrinsically linked on the theme of self observation.

'Stepping Out' is a glitching and fragmented electronic track that's almost impossible to pin down. Sea Change combines short blasts of sound with placid beds of floating electronics, putting us off kilter, but her voice remains unwavering over the top of this, something to grasp on to in the tumultuous tides of the track. 'Stepping Out' seems to be about self-evolution, both emotional and physical, as she seems to be describing morphing into another being, and the shifting sounds help in envisioning this. 'Stepping Out' then moves to a more melodic ending, as if she is a butterfly that has just emerged, beautiful, free and expressive in her new form.

Sea Change's INSIDE will be out on November 15th. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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