With the release of the incendiary Try Not To Freak Out in 2017, Norway's Sløtface burrowed themselves into the hearts of many music listeners. Now they've released their first new music since then in the form of the barnstorming 'Telepathetic'. They say of the track:

"The song is about the feeling, usually when you’re growing up, or working a job you don’t like, or other halfway points where it just feels like everything good is happening in other places from where you are. It’s about how ineffectual it is to wait around and hope for things to happen, about how you have to make things happen, but also about the silly fear that if you dream about something it might not happen."

The earnest yearning in their belief that "if you think hard you'll make it happen" is ideal fodder for Sløtface's vibrant and bustling rock - and even more perfect is the one word dismissal of that idea: "telepathetic" - at once cutting and at the same time a goofy portmanteau. In this simple dynamic Sløtface encapsulate what's so lovable about them, both the soft and the severe sides. Set to their wizzing and dynamic pop-punk, 'Telepathetic' quickly proves to be an unbelievably infectious track that marks a welcome return and an exciting beginning of a new chapter.

Sløtface celebrate the release of 'Telepathetic' with a London date at Electrowerkz on June 25th (tickets)

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