The death-or-glory sounds of anthemic straight-ahead rock have been seemingly perfected over the years by the likes of No Age and Japandroids, but today come blasting forth Spielbergs to make you think again. While their debut single certainly owes a huge debt to those aforementioned bands, it also re-ignites a spark that was in danger of going out, like bringing a brand new keg to a late-night house party and announcing to everyone let's get fucked up tonight, because in the end 'We Are All Going To Die'.

Spielbergs come out of the box at full throttle, barreling through emotions, knocking them to the side with undeniable determination, ensuring they do not get bogged down and that they divert all energy towards making the most of the short time they have. Just as you think Spielbergs have shown their hand on 'We Are All Going To Die' they shift gears and take us on a roller coaster ride of rollicking riffs, descending and ascending with a luminous fury and friskiness, before delivering us back home again safe and sound, but breathless.

Listen to 'We Are All Going To Die' below.

'We Are All Going To Die' is taken from Spielbergs' forthcoming Distant Star EP, which will be released in the UK via By The Time It Gets Dark on April 27th and can be pre-ordered here. Spielbergs also have a couple of dates in Oslo at the beginning of March, you can get info about those and all future plans by following them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.